About Double 00

Established in 2014, DOUBLE 00 is a Span- ish based brand that produces handmade leather wallets whose main features are that of being minimalist, practical, produced with the utmost quality and with a great design.

The name double 00 is inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming. In them he wrote about 00 agents, Britain’s secret service elite, the most famous of them being 007, ‘aka’ James Bond, a character representing the style and elegance of the double 00 wallet. A truly magnificent icon. 

 DOUBLE 00 wallets are 100% made in Spain. In the remote highlands of Cádiz, deep in the South of Spain, lies the mountain village of Ubrique, heir to twenty centuries of artisan culture and the place where double 00 produces its wallets. Close to Ubrique, Roman legions founded the City of Ocuri and practiced the art of working leather. In the Middle Ages, Arabs and Berber tribesmen mastered these arts giving Ubrique what is now: one of the most renowned artisan traditions of our times.



















 Each  wallet is handmade, stitched and painted individually by one of Ubrique ́s artisans. This is why each wallet is unique and of great quality, one of the characteristics customers value the most.

Each model is designed according to the season, inspirations we have and trends. That way, only 150 units are created for each model, although some of the top sellers are repeated due to high demand.