Are Secrid releasing an autumn 2020 collection?

Normally Secrid launches new designs twice a year which adds to their existing collections and introduces newly developed leathers like the Basket weave which was released earlier this year. 

This time things will be slightly different. Secrid, like many others, had to stop production during the lockdown and have been slowly getting back to some sort of normal. Due to this factor and the current time's, they will not be releasing new styles for autumn and will instead develop their best sellers for potential new styles in 2021.   

Do not fear... Here are some of the highlights from our collections, you will literally find a wallet to match your style. If not then just use our Mix and Match combination, to create the perfect look. 

The Secrid Wallet Highlights for 2020

Secrid Cardprotectors 

As we move to a more cashless society you may only want to carry a few cards and a couple of notes. Which makes the Cardprotector the perfect match. You can fit 4-6 cards which are protected from RFD scanning, a very important factor. 

With our mix and match options, you can choose your desired Cardprotector and mix it with the band that best fits you. 

1. Pick the colour of your Cardprotector 

2. Pick a band to go with your wallet 

3. Checkout and eagerly wait for them both to arrive


Original - A classic timeless leather
Shop a wallet that looks good and is a true classic in the Secrid collections. Anyone is sure to love it, so you cannot go wrong with it. 

Need a wallet that's bright? (one that your eye won't miss?)
We've created a colourful array to share all our standout colours. These are true statement pieces, which could make a look more exciting and people will be intrigued by the small looks gadget you have, they might not even realise its a wallet. 

Vintage - Lots of character  
A carefully abraded surface and a wax finish that gives a stonewashed look. The wax makes it more sensitive to scratches, making this lively leather more personal over time.  A unique finish just for you.

Matte - The modern look
Bold.. but professional, the matte collection has a soft smooth surface that makes it both distinctively colourful and discretely stylish. A rugged leather type that can withstand every daily hustle and bustle.

Textured - A combination of shapes and perspectives for stunning designs.    
A wonderful collection of Secrid wallets with specially crafted designs some bold and some more subtle, to suite everyones style. 


Why Secrid?
The modern way of living with everything in one place, never worry again about leaving your wallet behind because it's too bulky. You also might just enjoy using it everyday, every moment you flick out your cards. 


Shop with a Secrid Expert 
We are a small company, but despite this, we offer an extensive range of Secrid from all the different collections. As we have been offering Secrid for over 2 years we know a bit about them and can help you find the perfect match for you. 

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