• How to Register your Secrid Wallet

    If you have recently purchased a Secrid Wallet we recommend that you register it. All Secrid Wallets come with a 2 year warranty as standard and by registering, you gain an extra year. You will also receive a certificate confirming authenticity.   It’s very simple to do, just follow the steps bel... View Post
  • Why you should buy an RFID blocking Small Wallet

    Keep your personal information safe from high-tech thieves.   In your wallet do you carry .... Credit Cards? Debit Cards? Drivers Licence? Passport? Did you know most cards now contain embedded RFID chips which transmit information wirelessly to compatible readers to perform functions such as con... View Post
  • Small Wallets selected in competition held by TransferWise

    Our founder Alex Broadley entered a competition at the beginning of July held by TransferWise, who were looking for 20 under 20 upcoming young entrepreneurs in the UK and Ireland. The 20 chosen attended an event at TransferWise's office in London where Alex got to meet the other winners. He will ... View Post